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  • Price of the material: Net price
  • Fiscal charges: at your charge.
  • Documentation: all the documents have been elaborated as indicated in our offer. The requested technical documents shall be quoted separately if not previously agreed and included in our offer  
  • Supply conditions: the supply is limited to what indicated in our offer. Every further material, equipment, service not included but requested for the job, shall be quoted separately.
    • for det-tronics Items The order shall be processed by the supplier only upon receipt of the screening form (this form shall be provided by SV)
  • Offer validity: 30 days from the issue date.
    • If the variation of USD/EUR is Higher than 3% the quotation has to be revised
  • The following charges are not included:
    • Translation of the manuals in different languages than English and Italian.
    • Possible changes in the technical specifications.
    • Everything which is not expressly specified in this offer.
  • Obligations of the client: if the Client, before the supply, is not complying to his obligations (for example order cancellation), the Client shall be obliged to refund the 20% of the supply amount to the Supplier with all the related expenses.
  • Responsibility: in case of contrary indications in the Contract/Purchase order, the responsibility of SV Sistemi di Sicurezza S.r.l. is limited to (i) direct damages due to its own negligence and, only (ii) to the Contract / Purchase Order value.
  • Consequential damages: in case of contrary indications in the Contract/Purchase order, neither Party shall be responsible towards the other Party for any losses of orders, profits, and production.
  • Payment: In advance. In case of the agreed terms, it will be applied the bank charges as per L.D. 231/2002. The delayed delivery of documentation and/or certificates, some anomalies or defects of the material don’t justify delays or postponements of the agreed payment terms. Upon order confirmation please provide the following information: ABI, CAB, IBAN, bank name and branch.
  • Warranty: 12 months starting from the delivery of the goods. The warranty is covering the free of charge repair or replacement in the shortest possible time of the material and/or parts found to be defected or absent (stated that this is not depending on inexperience or negligence by the user).  This shall be carried out at its own place or at site.  If the work must be carried out at site the Client shall have to provide, at its own charge, all the equipment and staff requested for the job. The Supplier is not accepting any return of material if not previously agreed and authorized in writing.
  • Features of the materials: the dimensions and weight mentioned in our catalogue, offers and order confirmations must be considered indicative.  The right dimensions and weight shall be provided to the Client upon notice of goods ready for dispatch.
  • Delivery terms: EXW Grassobbio (Bergamo) Italy   
  • Packaging: included as per our standard
  • Delivery time: Delivery time will be expressed in quotation
  • Invoicing: the invoice shall be issued upon delivery of the material. If the installation is at our charge the invoicing shall be after the positive testing of the system (if carried out at the end of the installation) or within 30 days from the signature of job end report.
  • Disputes: for any dispute the Court of Bergamo (Italy) shall have jurisdiction also notwithstanding the art. 32 and following of the Civil Code. The Client shall not be allowed to appeal to the Judicial Authority of another place in the process of guarantee or connection of cause. The possible disputes don’t exempt the Client from compliance with the agreed payment terms and do not imply any extension of the agreed terms.
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